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Australians and Californians


Thanks for your statistics. Here are some more:

Australia has a population of 22,732,214 (according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics). California’s 2010 Census population count was  37,253,956, and 2012 estimates are close to 37.8 million. So Australia has about 60% as many people as California.

By your calculations, Australians have either 28%  (10/35) or 16% (10/62) of Printz Awards and Honors, and 25.8% (8/31) of winning authors.

And what about Californians? Well, by my calculations, only 3 Printz-winning authors are full-fledged Californians (born, raised, still live here): Gene Yang, Elizabeth Partridge, and Daniel Handler (interestingly–all three are from the Bay Area). There are four others whose bios indicate that they have lived in California at various times in their lives, although none live here now (Stephanie Hemphill, Helen Frost, An Na (grew up in San Diego), and Garrett Freyman-Weyr). So Californians have won only 4.8% of the awards, despite superior population numbers. What’s up with that?

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