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Now that I’ve cleansed my palate and planned my early 2013 reading, and now that all the 2012 books have been published, it’s time to muse again about the Printz Award.

I should state here for the record that I have a fairly spectacularly bad record of predicting Printz winners (I still think E.R. Frank’s America was robbed back in 2003, but hey, what do I know?). Sometimes, after the award is announced, I can look at the book, and look at the committee members, and say, “Yeah, I can see how those particular people chose that particular book,” but as for predicting . . . nah. There have been several years when I hadn’t even heard of the book that won (White Darkness, anyone? Jellicoe Road?). Continue reading


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Graffiti Moon


I’m so glad you liked Graffiti Moon.  I read it back at the end of 2011 to review for VOYA and was immediately optimistic for 2012 – and I was right, seeing that as good as Graffiti Moon is, it isn’t even really getting any awards attention, since there are so many great contenders.  Unfortunately, the fact that I read it so long ago means I don’t remember specifics, so I’m relying here on the notes from my review. Continue reading

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Urban Australian


I haven’t read A Confusion of Princes yet (ack! too many books!), but since this is Australia week, let’s talk about a 2012 book by an Australian author that I hope is on the radar of ths year’s Printz Committee: Graffiti Moon, by Cath Crowley. I read this because you mentioned it to me, and I loved it.

This is a clear example of what I was referring to in my earlier post–a book by an Australian author that resonates completely with Americans, because, well, teenagers are teenagers, and these kids could be in any urban center. They are finishing high school, wondering about their futures, thinking about love and friendship and families and art. Continue reading

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Australians and Californians


Thanks for your statistics. Here are some more:

Australia has a population of 22,732,214 (according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics). California’s 2010 Census population count was  37,253,956, and 2012 estimates are close to 37.8 million. So Australia has about 60% as many people as California.

By your calculations, Australians have either 28%  (10/35) or 16% (10/62) of Printz Awards and Honors, and 25.8% (8/31) of winning authors.

And what about Californians? Well, by my calculations, only 3 Printz-winning authors are full-fledged Californians (born, raised, still live here): Gene Yang, Elizabeth Partridge, and Daniel Handler (interestingly–all three are from the Bay Area). There are four others whose bios indicate that they have lived in California at various times in their lives, although none live here now (Stephanie Hemphill, Helen Frost, An Na (grew up in San Diego), and Garrett Freyman-Weyr). So Californians have won only 4.8% of the awards, despite superior population numbers. What’s up with that?

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