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A Question About Printz Eligibility


Bone_Issue_1Or rather, two questions both involving the same book(s)–for you or any of our readers familiar with the Printz criteria.  In working on my What Should’ve Won series, it occurred to me that I might want to look at Jeff Smith’s Bone series of graphic novels, but I ran into a couple of issues.  First, the series was initially published in individual issues, like a comic book, and each volume of the nine-volume series represents several issues of this comic book.  So first question:

1) What is the eligibility status of a graphic novel (or a collection of short stories) which was previously published in parts, but never as a standalone volume? Does it make a difference if all of the issues in question were published in the same year as the collected volume (although I don’t think that’s the case with Bone)?

The second question is regarding self-publication. The comic books and the initial graphic novels of Bone were all published by Cartoon Books, which appears to have been created by Smith with the sole intention of publishing Bone.  The Printz criteria say “Titles that are self-published, published only in eBook format, and/or published from a publisher outside of the US will not be considered eligible until the first year the book is available in print or distributed through a US publishing house”, but the question is:

2) What constitutes self-publication? If Cartoon Books counts as self-publishing, does that mean that the Bone series was never eligible until Scholastic began republishing them in color editions in 2005?

More details about the publication history can be found on the wikipedia page, here.  So, any thoughts on Bone‘s Printz eligibility?

– Mark


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