Is Chris Lynch a Robot?


I just noticed that Chris Lynch has a new book scheduled for publication in January 2014, and another for March 2014, which prompted me to ask: is Chris Lynch secretly a robot? How else to account for this list of his publications from 2010 to the present:

Pieces – 2013

Casulties of War (Vietnam #4) – 2013

Kill Switch – 2012

Free-Fire Zone (Vietnam #3) – 2012

Sharpshooter (Vietnam #2) – 2012

I Pledge Allegiance (Vietnam #1) – 2011

Angry Young Man – 2011

Hothouse – 2010

Prime Evil – 2010


– Mark



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2 responses to “Is Chris Lynch a Robot?

  1. Sarah Flowers

    Well, one of the 2014 books is Gypsy Davey, which was originally published in 1994. My only other comment is that Lynch does tend to write much shorter books than most YA authors these days.

    And also: happy birthday–and have a wonderful, relaxing vacation!

    • Mark Flowers

      dang it! I thought I double-checked that. Oh well, he might put out another couple of books in 2014 anyway 🙂

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