Black covers


So I was standing in front of the YA New Book section in my library yesterday and I suddenly noticed that a ton of the books had very dark, even black covers. Or at least black was the predominant color.

I know there are trends in cover art. I remember the pink covers of a few years ago, and I’m sure there have been times when blue has trended. But now it’s definitely black. Here are some examples:

ScheidtHolly BlackYanceyHappy10874177 15798680aynwgraffitiThe Opposite of Hallelujahpersonal effectsHomeland IHuntKillers Redemption BeautifulDarkness



– Mom



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3 responses to “Black covers

  1. Jen J.

    This has got to, at least in part, be due to the covers for the Twilight series and the first Hunger Games book, right?

  2. Sarah Flowers

    Probably. I was thinking the whole paranormal and dystopic trends in general, but those are good specific examples.

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