What to read next?


Okay, now that Midwinter is over, we are well and truly into 2013. All those 2012 books I missed? Too bad!  On to the new, shiny ones! Well, actually there are still a few I’m going to read, but anyway, lots more on the horizon.

Here are some new YA books that I got ARCs of at Midwinter. How to prioritize?

Rick Yancey, The 5th Wave. The is the first in a new post-apocalypse series. I’m actually pretty much a sucker forYancey first contact and post-apocalypse stories, plus this one is by Yancey, so it’s going right up near the top of the stack. Due out in May from  Putnam.Winters

Cat Winters, In the Shadow of Blackbirds. This one intrigues me, based on the description. It takes place in 1918, during the post-war Spanish influenza epidemic and it apparently also incorporates the spiritualism that was so prevalent at that time. (Hmm, reminds me of The Diviners . . . ) Anyway, it includes multiple illustrations, including health posters and photographs from the time. Some of the photographs are apparently of ghostly apparitions, so that should be fun. Due out in April from Amulet.

Karen Finneyfrock, The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door. This is a debut novel by a Seattle performance artist and poet. It is, apparently, in fact a novel of revenge. Sherman Alexie blurbs it as “Hilarious, exciting, and as painful as anyone’s teenage years.”FinneyfrockI do enjoy the occasional mean-girl-gets-what’s-coming-to-her” book, so I’m looking forward to this one. And it’s got a great cover. Due out from Viking Penguin this month.

Gail Carriger. Etiquette & Espionage. Today is actually the release day for this book, which Karyn referred to over on Someday in a post I can’t find as a “Mary Poppins” book–practically perfect in every way.Carriger Plus it already appears to have three starred reviews (Kirkus, PW, and Booklist). So that one has to go to the top, too.

So, clearly, I already have too many things to read. And those are just some of the things I have sitting around and/or on hold at the library.

Plus, very soon we have to talk about 17 & Gone, by Nova Ren Suma, and Towering, by Alex Flinn. I know you’ve read both of those.

Oh, and while we’re talking about upcoming books, any great nonfiction titles that you’ve heard about?

– Mom


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