You’re probably having all kinds of fun in Seattle, with no time to work on our little blog, but for our readers who are at work today, I wanted to highlight a couple of pieces from other locations:

1) I interviewed Cynthia Levinson, author of We’ve Got a Job, one of my favorite books of the year.  She was a lovely person to interview, with some very thoughtful answers.  You can find the interview over at the Hub

2) Also at the Hub, there’s a group interview with Steve Sheinkin about Bomb.  A few of the questions there were from me.  But, much more importantly, he has a fascinating answer to the question of sourcing.  Here’s the question and answer in full:

Are you aware of some of the issues that were discussed about your book on the Heavy Medal blog and elsewhere? How do you respond to these who question your narrative style choices and lack of page numbers from your sources?

I actually agree that the source notes could have been more detailed. For my next book, I’m going to make it easier for readers to follow a quote or passage from the book back to the sources I used. In terms of narrative style, you can’t please everyone.

In light of our discussion of Lincoln’s Grave Robbers, obviously that one wasn’t the “next book” he’s referring to.  But I’m now quite interested to see how he changes his sourcing style next time out.

3) I have a feeling many of our readers here drop in on me over on Adult Books 4 Teens at least occassionally.  But in case they didn’t, and since we talk about nonfiction basically all the time on this blog, I thought I’d link to my post from Monday about nonfiction reading habits.  I tried to do some research on how much nonfiction teens read for pleasure, but couldn’t come up with anything very current, so it’s more hints and questions than answers, but I think worth taking a look at before anyone tries to make a claim that teens don’t read nonfiction.

So, that’s what I’ve been working on in my other gigs.  Be sure to bring back plenty of fascinating information for me from ALA.

– Mark


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