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I haven’t read A Confusion of Princes yet (ack! too many books!), but since this is Australia week, let’s talk about a 2012 book by an Australian author that I hope is on the radar of ths year’s Printz Committee: Graffiti Moon, by Cath Crowley. I read this because you mentioned it to me, and I loved it.

This is a clear example of what I was referring to in my earlier post–a book by an Australian author that resonates completely with Americans, because, well, teenagers are teenagers, and these kids could be in any urban center. They are finishing high school, wondering about their futures, thinking about love and friendship and families and art.

One thing I liked about the book was that we, the readers, weren’t made to guess about who Shadow was. Even though Lucy didn’t know, we did, right from the beginning, so we could appreciate how Lucy saw Ed, how Ed saw himself, and how much the two of them were really alike.

I also kind of have a weakness for the it-all-happens-in-one-night story. I know there has to be some willing suspension of disbelief in these kinds of things (really? there was that much character growth in just a few hours?), but somehow I’m prepared to do that.

I’m not an artist, but I appreciate the role that art has in the lives of Ed, Lucy, and Leo, and how it helps them see the world.

Finally, I thought even the secondary characters were well-drawn. Daisy and Dylan, Jazz, Bert (who we only see through Ed’s eyes), Lucy’s boss (whose name eludes me at the moment), Lucy’s parents, even Malcolm and the thugs–I remember characteristics about all of them, even though I read the book several weeks ago, and have read a bunch of other books since. To me, that says Crowley did a wonderful job of making them real people.

I will be looking for more books by Cath Crowley. What are your thoughts?

– Mom


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