Nonfiction, Part 3


I have a ton of thoughts on your last post, but I want to focus on one thing in particular: your point that librarians are biased towards nonfiction that “reads like fiction.”  Is this something that we (meaning YALSA members) can (or should) try to change?  Obviously, as you point out with the 1962 biography example, nonfiction itself goes through a lot of fads and changes.  Maybe this is just the current trend and we should go with it?  Still, I feel like there are books that are being slighted.

You’ve been on the Printz Committee, and you’ve appointed people to the Printz Committee.  Is this a topic that comes up at all?  Is it possible to change a committee member’s mind about what makes a Printz-worthy nonfiction book?  Or, is it possible to find librarians who have different approaches to nonfiction to appoint in the first place?

– Mark


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